Clean Air and Water

Indicator: % residents with access to air quality data

In recent years many cities with air quality challenges have begun to post online real-time data about the concentration of particulate matter in the air. Often there is an associated smart phone application. These tools give local residents easy access to air quality data and allow them to take appropriate action in the case of highly polluted air (e.g., staying inside or wearing a mask). This indicator responds to Vizag Smart City’s emphasis on citizen access to data about urban services and urban environmental conditions.

Currently there is no real-time data on Vizag air quality posted online. The baseline value is therefore 0%. It is anticipated that GVMC can install such a system in the short term (before 2020). Since not all Vizagites are online, however, it will be necessary to post data on public kiosks and bus stops and other methods in order to reach close to 100% of residents.

Indicator: % water supply network length with trackable water flow

Currently the GVMC is not able to track the flow of water through the piped water supply system. Smart measures such as zone meters and cameras — as well as traditional method of people visually observing water in open channels — allow a water service provider to track the flow of water. With a view to effective management of the water system, this is an important capacity.

The baseline value is 0%. It is anticipated that the GVMC can make half of the total length of the water supply network “visible” by 2025.

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