Clean Manufacturing

Indicator: % of industrial wastewater treated

Clean manufacturing is a broad initiative that relates to industrial processes as well as waste management. This surrogate indicator addresses one important aspect of clean manufacturing and is easier to measure because the method is essentially the same for any industry that produces wastewater as a by-product. While some stand-alone factories have their own on-site wastewater treatment facilities, waste treatment is more commonly found at the level of the industrial park. The data for this indicator will have to be aggregated from parks and individual factories.

Indicator: % decrease in industrial emissions as against 2015 levels

Industrial emissions are a major contribution to air pollution in Vizag. This indicator measures the decrease of GHG emissions from industrial facilities in the Vizag region in comparison to 2015 levels. Since industrial activity is expected to increase, the emissions per unit of industrial output will have to decrease. The values set for this indicator are consistent with the national commitments made by India as a signatory to the 2015 Paris climate change accord.

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