Ease of Business

Indicator: % of public procurement opportunities trackable online

Transparency in public procurement is a cornerstone of good governance by urban local bodies (ULBs). GVMC, Visakhapatnam District, utilities and other public entities involved in procurement should take steps to give the general public visibility into the procurement process by systematically posting procurement data online.

Currently such data are not posted online. The baseline value is therefore 0%. It is anticipated that 100% of public procurement opportunities could be trackable online within the next five years.

Indicator: Airplane movements per year

Currently there are only about 3000 flights arriving at and departing from Vizag airport each week. This is a major constraint on the economy, as a number of key economic sectors are dependent on easy air access for their success: tourism, logistics, digital / IT and other knowledge industries, healthcare (especially medical tourism), pharma, etc. The indicator measures passenger flights and cargo flights combined. It also measures both arriving and departing flights.

Given Vizag’s goal of becoming a major logistics hub, the number of flights at the end of the planning period is in the same range as other major logistics centres such as Dubai and Singapore.


Projections of airline movements at Singapore Changi and Dubai Intern. Airports

2006-2015 AAGR 2015 2025 2030
Dubai 6.79% 403,517 663,278 850,379
Singapore 4.83% 364,334 520,044 621,313
Average 5.81% 383,926 591,661 735,846

AAGR = Average Annual Growth Rate
Sources: AAGR and 2015 data – Wikipedia; Projections – AECOM
Note: Projections based on 75% of average AAGR of the two airports, or 4.36%

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