Healthy Lifestyle

Indicator: % total trips per year made by walking, bicycling and/or public transport

Walking and cycling, as aerobic activity, directly contribute to people’s health and well-being. Riding public transport involves some physical activity when people walk to and from the bus or metro station. Furthermore, riding public transport contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which improves air quality and has positive impacts on public health.

As per previous assessments within GVMC, approximately 50% of trips are made by walking, bicycling and public transport. The future targets are relatively modest, which reflects the growth of the middle class in Vizag and the increasing trend for households to own and drive private automobiles. Given the weak cultural disposition towards cycling and the hot climate, it is anticipated that increase in the share of this mode will be modest. However, improvements to the public realm will encourage more walking. Improvements to public transport services will also encourage more use bus and/or metro.

Indicator: Number of medical tourists per year

The quality of healthcare services in Vizag and the perception of Vizagites as leading healthy lifestyles will contribute to the growth of medical tourism. Medical tourists are currently drawn primarily from surrounding states; patients come to avail themselves of the medical care in King George’s Hospital and other public healthcare facilities offering free services. In the future, it is anticipated that private hospitals will attract Indians and foreigners to Vizag for operations and other high-value medical procedures, from which the patients could recuperate in relaxing and attractive communities such as Rushikonda and Bheemili.

Given the low level of medical tourists today, it is preferable to measure future arrivals as an absolute number rather than as a percentage increase.

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