Parawada Area

Context in Region

The proposed regional growth framework targets the area southwest of Gajuwaka for industrial growth that will be served by compact villages offering services, amenities, and residential opportunities for employees. The area surrounding Parawada exemplifies how existing villages can be expanded to better serve growing populations, reduce commuting times, and support adjoining industrial development while promoting a higher quality of life.



Socioeconomic Positioning

Near Parawada, existing village clusters are in relatively close proximity to one another at the intersections of major thoroughfares. These villages are within 3 km of Pharma City, 4 km of the NTPC power plant, 10 km of the steel plant and 14 km of the Brandix complex. By sensitively expanding these villages and others in the area nearby, they will be well-positioned for future industrial growth, and in the meantime, employees can easily commute to existing industrial destinations.

Improved Connectivity

The proposed Parawada-area framework suggests the following mobility enhancements:

  • Connect the fragmented primary road network to improve the flow of traffic, and establish locations for new commercial centres.
  • Connect the heart of the new community to nearby industrial estates with both circulator bus routes and bus routes to and from Central Vizag.

Local Development Strategies

The Parawada-area framework suggests the following local development strategies:

  • Develop new housing areas between the three existing villages.
  • Create a mixed-use activity hub at the centre of the new development that can serve adjacent existing villages.
  • Surround the development area with an agricultural preservation zone and a forest preservation area, located on the hill tops to the east.
  • Preserve and enhance water storage infrastructure as multi-use park space.