Enhanced Solid Waste Management

Environment and Waste Management Awareness Programme

This programme would conduct awareness campaigns to nudge public behaviour to segregate, reuse, and recycle waste materials.

Solid Waste Geographic Information System (GIS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

A municipal Geographic Information System (GIS) data would be developed to track solid waste vehicle location and provide efficient routes for solid waste pick up and drop off. Waste collection and transportation would be tracked by bulk GIS and by zone. A SCADA system would be designed, installed, and operated as part of the waste management system.

Neighbourhood level sorting facilities and transfer stations

Neighbourhood collection and sorting locations would be equipped with bins for segregated biodegradable waste and for dry waste. Secondary storage facilities and transfer stations within neighbourhoods would also be planned for ease of operation. Additional transfer stations would be located and developed for sorting segregated waste collected from neighbourhoods.

Expand House-to-house waste collection

Feasibility of expanding house-to-house collection by outsourcing services to non-public organizations would be studied.