Smart Infrastructure

Indicator: % increase in peak power demand

When peak loads can be decreased through move even distribution of power service delivery throughout the day and the year, then utilities can provide more service with lower-capacity systems. This reduces the need for capital improvements and makes service delivery more cost effective.

Since Vizag is growing, it is unlikely that peak demand will decrease. But an effective peak management program will succeed in slowing the rate of peak demand increase. The Vizag power utility can provide the date for the calculation of this indicator.

Indicator: % critical facilities with back-up power

The ability to ensure continuity of operations is a key feature of a resilient city. This indicator will measure the percentage of critical facilities such as water and wastewater treatment plants, emergency management centres, hospitals, etc. that have back-up electrical power in case of natural hazards. It is anticipated that 100% of facilities will have back-up power by 2025.

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