Visakhapatnam will become South and Southeast Asia’s Clean Commerce Capital for the 21st century.



Investing in liveability is the key to Vizag’s competitiveness and community wellness. Vizag is smaller and less developed than some cities, and can shape its development more easily than many competing megacities.

Vizag is building a 21st century diversified economy on its 20th century industrial and agricultural base. Vizag has a liveability advantage over competing cities. To realize its potential, Vizag will embrace Green Living and Smart Business.

Green Living

Smart Business

Economic Generators

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In the 21st century, India will be the epicentre of the Asian knowledge based economy. India is #2 in ICT services export value globally.

As an eastern gateway for innovation in knowledge industries, logistics, and manufacturing, the region will command an INR 301 lakh crores (USD 4.5 trillion) commercial catchment including South and Southeast Asia.


Cities succeed in the knowledge industry by attracting and retaining knowledge workers. And what do knowledge workers want in a city? In a word… liveability.

In many cities around the world, knowledge workers want a combination of “hard and soft” urban amenities, including high-quality public open space, recreational opportunities, high quality housing at a reasonable price, good schools and healthcare, and vibrant cultural and entertainment districts.

Vizagites also want liveability.


High growth rates have eroded quality of life in many cities.

In the absence of strong urban management, population growth outstrips infrastructure delivery, leading to congestion, pollution and other urban problems.


Vizag is facing fierce competition for investment.

To become a regional power, Vizag needs to adapt and innovate its game.


Vizag is positioned to lead the Chennai‒Kolkata Industrial Corridor up the value chain.

Livable Vizag can become the destination of choice. Vizag has the raw material to reach a level of liveability that has eluded other major Indian cities.

Synergies among sectors and cities

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