AECOM is preparing the Visakhapatnam Smart City Framework Plan on behalf of the Government of Andhra Pradesh funded by a grant from the United States Trade and Development Agency. The infrastructure components of the plan include transportation, water, energy, land use, and governance. This website provides narratives of the smart city framework plan, local area plans, and solicits feedback from citizens and civil society within the Visakhapatnam region to guide and inform the planning process.

As a destination city, Visakhapatnam has a lot to offer: beautiful beaches, friendly people and a robust economy. With a great natural harbour, Vizag is a natural hub for defence, shipping, trade, and manufacturing. The division of Andhra Pradesh into two states has given additional impetus to an already vibrant economic growth trend in Vizag. The advantages of living in Vizag as opposed to other knowledge industry capitals have not been lost on India’s young professionals, who appreciate the unspoiled natural environment, affordable housing and laid-back lifestyle on offer. Vizag, with its increasingly diverse economy and proven leadership team, is poised to grow. The challenge for Vizag will be to realize its ambitious economic growth goals while preserving and enhancing liveability for the benefit of local citizens.

The Smart City Framework Plan lays the groundwork for the development of Visakhapatnam from a 20th century port city into an integrated 21st century city-region. Each of the four major centres of Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region will develop its own distinct urban character:

  1. The city centre will raise its profile as the business and cultural centre of the region by carrying out signature development projects in the Central Business District, along the beach road and at Old Town.
  2. The southern industrial area will develop of smaller, mixed-use urban sub-centres that offer jobs-housing balance and improved living conditions for the local workforce.
  3. Madhurawada and Rushikonda will emerge as high-end knowledge industry clusters that offer world-class educational, recreational and tourism facilities.
  4. Vizag’s unique selling point — its coastline — will be developed as a set of distinct recreational, ecological and livelihood destinations.

New growth areas within all four centres will locate housing near jobs, preserve ecological assets, and minimise natural hazard risk. Binding the centres into a coherent regional whole will be smart transport, water and energy infrastructure that ensures smooth and timely flows of people and resources throughout the VMR. ICT innovations will allow infrastructure managers to anticipate stress points, take corrective action and enhance system performance. Citizens in Smart Vizag will also gain visibility into infrastructure systems and be able to participate in decisions about future improvements.

By embracing Green Living and Smart Business, Visakhapatnam Metro Region will become South and Southeast Asia’s Clean Commerce Capital for the 21st century.

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